Sola Scriptura was the all-inclusive, official name chosen for a teaching ministry which was born out of the merging of several like-minded organizations working independently. Here is a brief history of the ministries and the story behind their coming together under one name.

The Sign Ministries grew out of Robert Van Kampen’s 9,000 hours of study on end-times, which resulted in the publication of his book “The Sign” in 1992. Response to the book was so great that an office was set up to field incoming calls, letters, and requests for meetings in churches. Teachers were invited to the staff and the ministry functioned for nine years as an organization specializing in the teaching of end time events through booklets, audio and video tapes, seminars and conferences, and a quarterly newsletter.

Sola Scriptura was also established in 1994 as a support organization for The Sign Ministries, The Scriptorium, and other like-minded ministries that held to the same doctrinal position, such as The Master’s Mission in Robbinsville, North Carolina and Zion’s Hope in Orlando, Florida. Providing creative and technical support to these ministries, Sola Scriptura’s staff was available to produce the literature and tapes needed by these ministries. Sola Scriptura also provided the staff to answer phone calls and ship materials.

In 2000, Truth in Grace Ministries joined the list of organizations coming under the care of Sola Scriptura. Started by Dr. Dan Hayden as Christolized Ministries, Truth In Grace was expanded to become an outreach ministry of Grace Church of West Ottawa in West Michigan. Dr. Hayden’s pulpit ministry was captured on audio and video tape, and special products and seminars were organized under this ministry, which focused on the careful exposition of God’s Word in a wide variety of biblical themes. Dan Hayden produced a two-minute daily radio program, A Word from the Word, which also became a popular podcast.

When Mr. Van Kampen passed away in October of 1999, the decision was also made to pool the resources of The Sign Ministries, Sola Scriptura, and Truth in Grace to form a single organization. This ministry, based in Orlando, would house a teaching ministry made up of instructors specializing in a variety of areas, together with a team of creative personnel and office executives that could accomplish the new goals of the merging ministries.

Sola Scriptura was retained as the merged identity of the collective organizations, and most of the staff from the various ministries made the move to Florida to begin working together in 2002.

In 2004 however, the creative and teaching staff was merged with the Holy Land Experience and Sola Scriptura ceased operation at the end of 2012. Articles, FAQs, Magazines and Audio resources are archived on this website for your edification.