Understanding End TimesAn Overview of Eschatology • Robert Van Kampen •

God wrote a book to His people in order to communicate His plan of redemption for mankind. Part of that plan includes the end times – the end of the age when Jesus Christ shall return for His elect and pass judgment on the unbelieving world. In Understanding End Times, Robert Van Kampen takes you on a journey through the Scriptures to discover the biblical truths concerning the last days, truths that are stated through the application of a face value method of Bible interpretation. In the end, the threads of prophecy that run throughout the fabric of Scripture provide a cohesive picture of the final plans God has for His creation.


  1. Face Value Hermeneutic


  2. Four Critical Passages


  3. Definitions: The Sign, the End of the Age, the Rapture


  4. Definitions: Rapture Initiates Wrath, Daniel’s 70th Week


  5. The Olivet Discourse


  6. Revelation: The Seven Seals


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