By Rev. Roger Best

The average American glories in our reputation as the only superpower. It is very difficult to imagine a time when we will not be a superpower. Prophetic predictions about end times are on the minds of many believers who know the Scriptures. While many nations are specifically named and their roles described concerning their activity during this critical time, America is not. Since America is only 200 years old and not specifically named in Scripture, figuring out her role is a little more difficult.

Several passages use the all inclusive phrase “all the nations” in conjunction with end-time events. There is nothing to preclude America’s involvement in these events. After the Seventieth Week of Daniel begins, the first three and a half years do not seem to involve the United States. However, at the midpoint, things change. Revelation 18:23 indicates that “all the nations were deceived” by the sorcery of “the great city Babylon” which is “the great harlot.”

The sixth bowl judgment indicates that “the whole world” is gathered “to the battle of that great day of God almighty.” There is no reason to conclude that America, in whatever form she exists at the end time, will not be a part of the great armies at the battle of Armageddon. Since Armageddon concludes God’s wrath, America will also receive the judgments of God, “For the indignation of the Lord is against all nations (Is. 34:2). God’s Day-of-the-Lord wrath is against “all the earth.” (Zeph. 3:8).

Revelation 3:10 indicates that “the whole world” will experience “the hour of trial which . . . test those who dwell on the earth.” This hour of trial is most often associated with the time of great tribulation of Antichrist. When Satan gives his power to Antichrist, and Antichrist is revealed as one who has died, but has come back to life “all the world will marvel and follow the beast.” (Rev. 13:3).

It is safe to say that end-times America will follow Antichrist from the midpoint of Daniel’s Seventieth Week to Armageddon. She will also be a recipient of God’s Day- of-the-Lord wrath. Beyond this, little can be said dogmatically.